Custom Instagram Feed Pro Developer

Custom Instagram Feed Pro Developer v6.2

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* Tweak: Vue.js code is now loaded from a local file shipped with the plugin rather than an external CDN for use with the customizer in the admin area.
* Tweak: Reels posts and Video posts that don't play in the lightbox due to an expiring video file will instead use an iFrame to play the video.
* Fix: Fixed a message in the feed Gutenberg Block reporting a license was inactive when it was active and valid.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where exported hashtag and tagged feeds were not able to be imported using our import feature.
* Fix: Fixed inconsistencies with the 30+ hashtag limit workaround to make the workaround more reliable.
* Fix: Fixed tablet columns setting not applying correctly in all situations.
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Fixed moderation mode not working when using pagination for moderation mode and the setting to load initial posts with AJAX.
* Fix: If the number of posts for mobile was higher than the number of posts for desktop, the number of posts for desktop would be incorrect.
* Fix: When using a recent hashtag feed, if a post had been made within the last 24 hours, the plugin would not include top posts in the feed.